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J A M E S    R I C E

C o l l a b o r a t i v e   P i a n i s t

a n d  P i a n o  T e a c h e r


N E X T   C O N C E R T

May 3

Sam Gold and James Rice

7:30 pm May 3, 2023

Carol Woods Auditorium

Shostakovich's final work is the center of this program. Written in his final days fighting cancer, his sonata for viola and piano is both full of pathos and sincere expression, as well as mindful reiterations (quotes) of his music, and a very direct reference to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in the final movement. The program will finish with Romanze by Max Bruch. Admission is free and open to the public.


"With his piano lid fully raised, Rice supported Gold with perfect balance while tossing off the composer's far from undemanding twists and turns. Rice took every opportunity to exult in the playful high spirits of the Finale.

Rice spun the Impressionist episodes flawlessly. Both artists then brought out the mercurial splendor of the fiery and brilliant, now soothing and reflective."

--William Thomas Walker (CVNC) May 22, 2019

"[Rice] kept the accompaniment p or pp when it supported the cello but unleashed it when the cello rested...The buildup to an ecstatic high at the end of the first movement was beautifully conveyed...I heartily recommend attending any future programs presented by these two fine musicians."

--William Thomas Walker (CVNC) Nov. 28, 2018

J“Exceptional technique, such mastery of varying colors..., great understanding of the composers' intent, not to mention such sensitive ensemble playing.”

--​Jenny Anderson, Director of Music at the United Church of Chapel Hill


A "beautiful musicality and a special communicative ability”

​--Fay Adams, Coordinator of Keyboard Studies at the University of Tennessee


"James has extensive experience with children of all ages, and understands how to work with them in developmentally appropriate ways. He is enthusiastic and energetic, and makes lessons fun even for reluctant learners. Most impressive to me is his ability to teach both the mechanics of healthy piano technique and the art of musical expression...James' students learn not just how to play the piano, but how to make music."


"We have always been extremely happy with James's teaching methods, optimism and ability to create a fun and inspiring learning environment. We would recommend him as an instructor to those looking into piano lessons."


"As an adult student taking piano lessons for the first time, I was a bit apprehensive about beginning lessons, but working with James has been an ideal experience. In the beginning, he listened to my goals and tailored a course of study specifically for me...all the while incorporating pieces that I find exciting and challenging. In addition to being a wonderful musician who brings a wealth of knowledge to each lesson, James is extremely professional and an absolute joy to work with. I feel very fortunate to learn from him and give him my highest recommendation."


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